What She Said

With some slight stylistic editing (formatted to fit your screen), I’m using the description that my friend Tawnya wrote for my blog as I could not say such nice things about myself without having to repent the enormous lies. Obviously, she has no conscious and would have done well as a serial killer, though she chose parenthood instead, a similar occupation, requiring much the same skillset. Therefore I will go with what she said:

In every life sparkling moments occur. Though few, they exist. In almost each of these moments, another person is involved. The very best, both moments and persons, are unique, unexpected, and a bit bemusing. This blog hosts the writings of just such a person. You’ll never ever meet anyone else like him. Just when you think you have him figured out, he’ll open a can of worms that has you laughing, shaking your head, or clenching your fist. The very best times are when he leaves you with questions that circle and unwind in your thoughts. He’s a thinker, a writer, and best of all, my good friend. Meander with him on his esoteric journey of thought and don’t be reluctant to leave your own impressions on the path.

I cannot imagine being able to reach her lofty expectations. But we shall see.



  1. Tawnya is awesome…her advice- priceless…good luck with your meanderings 🙂

  2. I already have several comments on my post announcing your blog and at least one interested in the seller of antiquities (me too, btw). Start planning your next post, my friend. 😉

  3. haha she has set you up well it seems…welcome to blogging and enjoy the journey…you will meet some interesting people and see the world in ways you never thought you would…dont worry 3.5 years ago i would not have believed any of that either…smiles.

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