On America’s Three Civil Wars

In a graduate class at the University of Texas – Arlington, the professor said that men could not be feminists. What an idiot. Does she really believe that the suffrage movement and all that goes with it could have been accomplished without the help of men?

First, her statement is blatantly sexist. Because the class was discussing literature, allow me to put my sexist claim within context: If I, or any other man, had stated that women were unable to understand or intelligently discuss literature written by men, the male in question would have castigated and forced to into a re-reducation camp (sorry, that’s the term the old USSR used) forced to take sensitivity classes in order to learn how to properly think or at least speak concerning those of another sex or sexual orientation. The professor was recently promoted.

Second, America has had three civil wars. (Yes, I’m aware that the American continents encompass everything from the Falkland to the Imilet Islands and beyond but that’s how people around the world often refer to these United States.) Two of those civil wars, civil rights movements, were fought with relatively little bloodshed. That doesn’t happen without the consent of the governed: men and women, black and white.

We applaud those leaders like Susan B. Anthony and Elizabeth Stanton, Martin Luther King and Rosa Parks, people who stood up for their rights. But they were not alone. These “angry, white men” that you so easily denigrate stood with those seekers of equality and in doing so avoided extreme level of bloodshed that our first civil war did not. Granted that the War Between the States had as its basis one of those later conflicts, but that win by the Union over the Confederacy did not complete the task. The later war of marches and speeches and dreams moved us toward equality. Likewise, the feminist equality movement is not complete, and, if possible, you should try not to ostracize your allies.



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  1. Kirk Hutchison · · Reply

    Saying that only women can be feminists is like saying that only athletes can be sportscasters. Howard Cosell and Bob Costas would beg to differ.

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