Minimum Government; Maximum Freedom

I may be late to the party, but perhaps, I am right on time.

The election pundits that promote the preposterous choice of Mitt Romney versus Barack Obama are ignoring the most important point of this entire situation: neither of these fellows is worth our efforts or support, certainly not our votes.

I liked the ideas that President Obama espoused in his initial run for the nation’s highest office; however, when I went to hear him speak live on the campus of Texas State University in San Marcos, I realized this Democrat was just another politician, average in every way.

I didn’t like Mitt Romney the first time he tried and failed to get the Republican nomination, and I wish he had stayed home this time as well since he is the kind of politician (much like the Chicago fellow) who will say or do anything to get elected.

Therefore, my friends, for the first time in my life, I am voting for a Libertarian for president of the United States of America, and Governor Gary Johnson of New Mexico gets my vote this year.

I do not agree with everything for which the Libertarians stand; however, neither have I ever agreed with all that the Democrats or Republicans profess. I base my support on this overriding policy, this “prime directive” if you will:

We hold that all individuals have the right to exercise sole dominion over their own lives, and have the right to live in whatever manner they choose, so long as they do not forcibly interfere with the equal right of others to live in whatever manner they choose.

Furthermore, because the entrenched Republicans and Democrats are willing to follow anyone no matter their lack of principles or intellect, as long as they speak words that they clearly do not believe, I will vote for for all the Libertarians this time around and will continue to do so until something changes. I am now a Libertarian.

For more information go to the: Libertarian Party Website



  1. Are you sure your mind is “unfettered?
    When I stopped being a libertarian in 2004, this kinda helped me to crystallize my thinking

    Some things to remember:
    1. It is intellectually lazy to just declare a moral equivalence of the parties and walk off.
    2. We do not live in a country which will elect a libertarian. It is a fact. So like pacifism can only hurt democracies, voting libertarian can only help the big state people.

  2. BTW, I do not agree with everything in the link, but it made me think.

    1. On point one – thank you. However, I’ve made the arguments for too many years to be bullied into defending a cretin like Romney. I will stand for a conservative, but I will not stand for a wishy-washy liar whose path into the nomination depended on the stubbornness of Newt Gingrich to not withdraw, splitting the actual conservative vote between he and Santorum. Furthermore, the efforts by both Dems and Reps to outspend one another is indicative of ultimate power; they are corrupt.

    2. On point two – by that reasoning, the Wigs would still be vying for the presidency and Ron Paul–I’m sure he was your hero during your Texas residency–would never have gotten into office. One might say this nation will never elect an African American and probably did.

  3. I don’t think the parties are morally equivalent – I think they are both morally bankrupt. Both want to tell me what my morality should be. But it’s easy to blame the politicians. It’s even easier to blame the system.

    I would much prefer to blame the people who are supposed to be part of the system and who DON’T participate. I prefer to blame the people who really took the ‘pride’ of the average person away – the people who re-defined success as a rarely attainable goal and created a culture where doing anything to win was acceptable.

    And that’s something that came from BOTH sides of the fence.

    One side of the fence, we have a group of people willing to ignore the rights of ANY religion (because it’s not just Catholics who don’t want to pay for contraceptives for their employees)…but on the Republican side, it’s worse, because we have wastes of carbon like Paul Ryan and Todd Akin who endorse RAPE and feed into rape culture.

    Both sides fuel the idea that someone is a failure if they don’t do X, Y and Z – and oddly enough, both sides think success is the same thing.

    And oddly enough, it’s most often not the people who have achieved that success who spread that idea.

    The reason people turn to socialism and other easy answers is because they don’t want to work in a capitalist system – because they’ve been given no reason to, by their fellow citizens. Who wants to work in the mail room up to the CEO anymore? If you start in the mail room, you don’t get support for having a job where you have room to move up the food chain. You get made fun for working in the mail room.

    We, the people, created our politicians and allowed our system to end up where it is. We aren’t going to fix things through elections right now. We will fix it by changing some of the fundamental assumptions and concepts we currently base our lives on and changing the way we treat each other. And I’m not talking about some bleeding-heart hippie feel-good fest with group hugs and sharing our feelings with the group.

    I’m talking about respect – respecting what each person wants to do with their lives and not trying to force them onto a pre-determined path. The greatest ‘successes’ of our time didn’t get there by following the path others laid out for them. They did it by following the path they chose for themselves. Even if that path had been by someone else before them.

    I’m talking about making it socially unacceptable to mock and deride people for honest work or for being different than the nominally accepted social average.

    We need to change the paradigm in which we operate and in which we consider the ideals we claim to believe in – that everyone deserves and has a chance to do something great.

    We can change that – and I bet we’ll get candidates worth voting for.

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