In Response to a Friend

Dear Russell,

Thanks for sharing your information on Libertarian Brad Smith’s plans to vote for Governor Romney. However, my conscience would never allow me to support him as a candidate for president.

My problem with Mitt has more to do with the fact that he will say or do anything to get elected than on any particular position he holds. The fact that a Libertarian claims Romney’s views are in line with Libertarian ideology doesn’t surprise me. Depending on when or to whom he speaks, the listeners would certainly come away thinking that this is an individual who believes what we believe and supports what we support.

It reminds me of someone . . . oh, President Obama, who goes as far as changing his dialect to deceive people into thinking he is like them or President Clinton who was laughing and joking at a funeral but after noting the distant cameras was suddenly able to produce a saddened expression and squeeze out a tear to wipe away.

It isn’t that I’m pro-Libertarian, especially with their stance on abortion–I would prefer freedom for the child to live rather than freedom for the doctor to cut the child out–but at least I know, more certainly, where Gary Johnson stands on issues. And if I had known that “compassionate conservatism” meant we were going to spend every dime available in the treasury along with whatever else we could borrow, I would think twice about voting for President Bush, as I proudly did twice.

I have voted for every Republican candidate for president with the exception of Gerald Ford versus Jimmy Carter in my first-ever election. I was a Democrat much of that time but left because my conservative candidates were never nominated, and one of those included the once-conservative Al Gore. When the Republican Party starts nominating conservatives again, I’ll start voting for them again. Until that time, I’ll use my vote to shop elsewhere.




  1. This video is the best response I have seen :

    1. Not bad. The strongest part, I thought, was the promotion of Ryan over Romney, but no one (that I’m aware of) votes for vice-president. I suppose that I believe our nation as described in the constitution is more powerful than any one man, office, or election. That is, no matter what, we will be around to vote again in four years.

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