About Blanc Spaces

I am a writer of fiction, doctoral literature student, believer, seller of antiquities and junk, woodworker, traveler, and all-round error maker. In this, my entry into the blogosphere, I will heave upon you an eclectic mix, which you may or may not find as intriguing as I do. Whether you are some poor demented soul who hangs on my every word, some other pseudo-intellectual disgusted by my observations and opinions, or someone poised in a liminal space, I don’t care.

I’ll write about literature, religion, gardening, relationships, woodworking, writing, aging, friendship, politics, and anything else I find that strikes my fancy, as well as hoisting up the odd excerpt from my novels or short stories.

Therefore, to all of you do-gooders and well-wishers; to you naysayers, dope smokers, and dirt diggers; to you book readers, rail riders, coffee drinkers, and tea sippers; to you tree huggers, snake handlers, nit-pickers, cheerleaders, and bible thumpers; to each of you word-smithers, care takers, lay preachers, paper pushers, beer drinkers, love losers, and life takers; and to all of the speech makers, would be-ers, and can’t seers:

I bid you, welcome.



  1. Hi!
    I nominated you for the sunshine award in appreciation for your great writing. Please visit my post at http://arabwriterchick.com/2012/05/24/sunshine-award/ for details. I hope you enjoy the award and please know there is absolutely no pressure to participate 🙂

    1. “I have no response to that.” But thanks.

  2. tbennett · · Reply

    The Gaslight Baker has another great show opening this weekend. It is different from “Our Town” but I think you will enjoy it. “Who’s on First?” ( Nothing to do w the old Abbott and Costello skit) – Billed as “a nightmare of a comedy”.

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