Memory Making Wisps of Fog Rise off the cold, still pond, Seeping through the pine and oak, Lightly dancing among the treetops, Dancing lightly to their eternal rest In my mind. Bill Lancaster (2018) Advertisements

On the Passing of Henry Hood or My Thoughts on a Great Man I received news today that my mentor from my undergraduate days has died. Henry Hood is the reason I majored in English while an undergrad. He is the reason I took up and continue writing. He is the reason I completed an […]

Have you ever picked up a book, beloved in your youth, and sat down to read, finding one of two things happens? Either you confirm why you loved this particular piece of literature and see new insights and gain deeper understanding or you wonder what was it about this book that you thought was so […]

Some of you may have noted my sporadic posting as of late, but I have good reasons. First, the spring semester was filled with the challenges associated with teaching a new class, and, therefore, took more of my time than it will if I teach it in the future. Second, my hope to be back […]

To Write or Not to Write – Still the Question? My writing life, or writerly life as I heard it phased and repeated (by me more than anyone else), is not, as I tend to complain ad nauseum in my journal, at a standstill. It has, however, been on a different track of late. I […]

Maria Antonietta Giovinazzo does some great work. I haven’t shared anything in a while, so please enjoy another’s creative efforts.

My short story “Cool Morning Air” was published in the Ishaan Literary Review. Please take time to read it and the other works in this latest issue.